New York Bride has family heirloom stolen before wedding

A wedding ring
Sadly, a New York bride to be has lost her grandmother's ring, among many other items in a recent burglary.  Losing nearly $20,000 in jewelry and $8,000 in electronics and other goods, she was more sad about losing the family heirloom.  Her Grandmother had passed this down to her, and she was looking forward to wearing it after her wedding day. Someone broke into her apartment just two weeks before the wedding.  They entered through the front door and did not break anything.  While there is a...

Should I get an Alarm System?

With my house being just one house in a large neighborhood, do I really need an alarm system in my home? The odds are against me, right? We all seem to think nothing bad can happen to us, after all, stuff like this only happens to other people, right? There are over 2,000,000 burglaries a year in the United States alone, which equates to about 5500 per day.  And this is just in the United States! I'm a renter, do I need an alarm system? Frankly, it doesn't matter if you're a homeowner or ...

Piper NV Review

Piper NV
The Piper NV (NV Stands for Night Vision) is a spectacular unit.  It has customizable security modes, a siren, motion detector, and many more features.  It's ease of use is great.  It's nearly plug and play.  With a 180 degree view, you can set it on one side of a room and it will act as your home security device for almost any situation.  You can watch live video if you're away, or you can just set it as motion sensors, for the security sensation. The camera itself is stationary, but with th...